Meeting Your Custom Jeweler

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Meeting Your Custom Jeweler

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From the outside, the working day of a custom jeweler may appear to be a rather unsociable one. Isolated away for hours on end, concentrating on creating their latest masterpiece; you would be forgiven for thinking they enjoy being solitary creatures. For many custom jewelers, nothing could be further from the truth. Much of their time is spent meeting with customers buy Jewellers Emails and understanding exactly what it is they want in their custom jewelry. As custom jewelers are people too, it's not hard to imagine that this can often be their favorite part of the job. The social aspect of these meetings cannot be overstated, and real relationships are built between customer and jeweler throughout the series of meetings that occur.

But what can you, as a customer, expect from these meetings? From the opening chat through to the final presentation of the piece, here's a taster of what might happen when you meet your custom jeweler. The first time you meet with your custom jeweler, a large part of the appointment is really about breaking the ice and getting to know each other a little better. Your jeweler needs to understand what you want, and they like to get right inside your head to make sure they get the final piece exactly right. Whether you're looking for a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or earrings, understanding what colors and styles you have in mind is essential in ensuring you are wowed by the final piece.
Many first-time customers are surprised by exactly what can be achieved by a custom jeweler. They may have an idea that they imagined wouldn't be possible to realize before being left pleasantly surprised when their jeweler assures them it can be done. Practicalities such as measuring fingers and wrists for sizes will also be taken care of during the initial meeting. One of the first tasks that needs to be taken care of in follow-up meetings with your jeweler is to view a collection of stones that may be used in your final piece. Having ascertained the color or style you have in mind during the first meeting, your jeweler can then source examples for you to choose from. As the design and creation process continues through the sketching and rendering stages, further meetings can actually take place over Skype or even email if visiting the store isn't convenient for the customer. Scans of drawings and photographs of the clay model can be sent and approved, with regular progress reports possible too.

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