Creating Email Marketing Campaigns Based on Reports

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Creating Email Marketing Campaigns Based on Reports

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One of email marketing's most appealing features is the fact that it is entirely measurable. By making use of a variety of metrics such as open rates, click-through rates and the like, email marketers can gain valuable insights into all the factors of any given campaign. This information can help marketers improve and optimise future campaigns while providing subscribers with better communications. Here are a few reports that your brand should be looking at and using when it comes to implementing your next email database campaign. If your brand makes use of email newsletters or newsletter-style email marketing, you should be keeping a close eye on the most clicked on elements in that mailer. Most brands use ribbon style navigation with a list of various blog articles or other content features on their website. By seeing which ones received the most clicks you'll be able to get a pretty clear idea of your consumer's interest which means you'll be able to tailor content for your email database. Content is a powerful mechanism with the ability to pull consumers through the buying funnel.
High open rates are a clear indication that your subscribers trusts your brand and that they have most likely added you to their contact list. A great way to retain these loyal subscribers and to add value to their customer experience is by singling them out and offering them special deals. By studying your open rate report of the last few months, you should be able to identify your most loyal 'openers'. Reward them by sending them something special that is not available to other members of that list.

Some campaigns just do better than others, but every now and then a pattern starts to emerge among mailers that do particularly well in terms of click-through rate. This success is often a reflection of many factors, but one very important one is definitely the call to action. A strong, clear call to action that entices people to do what you ask of them is always a winner when it comes to marketing and this is especially true of email. Compare successful campaigns and start taking note of which call to actions work best for your database. The two top reasons people unsubscribe are too frequent emailing and receiving irrelevant emails. Make sure that there is a mailing schedule set up and that you stick to it. If you are in control of a large database it is imperative that you make use of frequency capping so that the same portion of your database does not receive emails too often. Sending relevant emails should be a priority for your brand -this is easiest to do when you have access to a profiled and managed database. Reports are there for a reason - by regularly going over them your email campaign metrics can help you plan better more effective campaigns for the future.

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